10 Years; Do you still remember?

Taps being performed at ENMU in honor of those lost on 9/11

By Candice Brusuelas

Looking around the world today, we are absorbed as usual with our own lives. We worry about getting to work on time, whether our grades are good enough, whether or not we will have time in the day to go to the post office and the library and to go have lunch with that one friend you haven’t talked to in 8 months. One of these such days, working for the newspaper in Rio Rancho, the Observer, I was looking at old newspapers for an article, and found the paper dated September 12, 2001. It is amazing how quickly the tragedy hit me again, looking at the front page, a picture of people from home, crying for loved ones lost just the day before.

We take for granted the sacrifices made by the brave men and women in our military to keep us safe, and we forget about the loss our country experienced on that day. It’s easy to do, our lives go on. We become occupied with everyday life.

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It is questionable whether we learn from tragedies like this or not. Security has been stricter at places like military bases and airports especially. Even with this, people are still found to have smuggled weapons on planes. Maybe it still is not enough. Why do people complain when they have to take their shoes off at the airport? Or have to throw away a water bottle? Do they remember the reason? Or would they rather take the risk, holding on to their lattes and their privacy of their bags and pockets, that one of their fellow passengers brought something with which to kill them all? We would be ridiculously naive and stupid to assume no one will try to harm Americans again like they did on the 11th of September.

So here is to hoping that we all remember the day that has just past us, and remember what it means for our country. It brings us together, to recognize the good in the world, and the bad. Take joy in freedom, and our flag that continues to stand for it.

    • The Language Nazi
    • September 13th, 2011

    wow it is like it was written by a fifth grader!

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