A Blast from the Past

ENMU student participating in Casino Night

By Tiffany Boyd

On Wednesday, September 7th, students were treated to an evening of fun and entertainment with the “Grease is the Word” Casino Night and Dance. This social event combined the excitement of playing traditional casino games within the sock hop dance era, the 50s.

Throughout the night, students played games to earn chips, which they used to bid on prizes in the auction at the end of the night. The games consisted of: Poker, Bingo, Black jack, Roulette, and the most popular game of the night, Texas Hold’em.

The dance floor was covered with retro colors of light, flickering, against the pink and black balloons that surrounded the dancing greyhounds. There were poodle skirts and slick back hair that brought the theme of “Grease” to reality.

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As the festivities got underway, hip hop, country, and 80s genre of music flooded the room, as students congregated around the game tables and the snacks.  Participant enjoyed ice tea, fruit punch, and chocolate and vanilla ice cream,with all the traditional toppings.

There was even a special appearance by Trixtan, who performed card tricks throughout the evening.

A transfer student, Robert Poe said, “It was a very special night that allowed me to meet new people.”Poe added, “My favorite part was the prizes as well as the ice cream. I would certainly attend an event like this one again soon.”

At the end of the night, an auction was held, and the person holding the most chips, won the bid for the particular prize at hand. The prizes included: free movie rentals/passes, a Wii, a mountain bike, a flat screen television, and laundry essentials.

The Casino Night and Dance brought together the old and the new to form a night of blissful fun and a blast from the past.

Stay tuned for next week’s events sponsored by ASAB: Slam Poet on Sept. 15 at 8:00 p.m., Project Linus on Sept. 21 at 7:00 p.m., Game show Night Sept. 23 at 7:00 p.m., and Free Movie on Sept. 26. at 7:00 p.m. All ASAB sponsored activities can be viewed on the ENMU master calendar at http://www.enmu.edu/current-student/orgs.

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