First annual Up Till Dawn wins award; success expected this year as well

Up Till Dawn wins an award.

By Candice Brusuelas

Eastern’s first annual Up Till Dawn Event last year, which benefits children’s cancer, had an unexpectedly good initial turnout. So good, in fact, that ENMU won the Rookie of the Year award for the best turnout and success for a first year event.

                Up Till Dawn is a fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Students participate in teams, sending off letters to friends and family asking for donations to go towards St. Jude’s, for research and care for kids with cancer. The event goes from early evening to 6 in the morning, during which entertainment is provided; primarily by student organizations. ENMU alone raised $11,000 from the event, according to ENMU Director of Up Till Dawn, Kaylee Peterson. “This year we are hoping to double it. So [our goal would be] around 22, 23 thousand dollars.”

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                “They gave us the award because we had an outstanding first year here at Eastern, out of everyone who puts on Up Till Dawn in the US,” said Peterson.  She said St. Jude’s takes everything into account, “the number of people, who came, the number of letters written, the money made. The overall first experience.”

                “Last year they came to us two months before the event. We had to plan within two months for this big event.” This year Up Till Dawn is also hoping to double the number of people attending. “We didn’t have a lot of faculty and staff on board last year- not that they didn’t want to help, but we didn’t push to get them involved,” said Peterson.

Groups for Up Till Dawn take six to eight people; many teams wearing matching attire. Last year, each person was required to have 10 addresses (to mail the letters to) to get in. This year, the number is upped to 15, though participants are encouraged to bring as many as possible. The more letters sent out means more opportunities to raise money. This year there will also be a comedian brought in, in addition to student performances.

Up Till Dawn will be on 10-21-11 this year, something students will see around campus, and on Up Till Dawn t-shirts. For more information, contact Kaylee Peterson at or visit the Up Till Dawn Facebook, which is, according to Peterson, the profile with a picture of the group wearing red Up Till Dawn t-shirts.

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