Get Equal

By Johnathan Petit

Eastern New Mexico University’s Students for Equality-GSA (ENMUSFE) organization held its first meeting of the semester in the Sandia room on Tuesday, August 30th. Over 45 people came to support the meeting which included individuals and couples of many orientations, and from all walks of life. The group’s primary goal is to promote a hate-free atmosphere at ENMU, and the surrounding areas, and to further the movement of equal rights for all. 

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        Despite being one of the newest student organizations on campus, Students for Equality, founded in March of 2001, has become active in the university, local schools, and communities of Clovis and Portales. The organizations past events include: hosting a National Day of Silence, remembering the tragic death of Mathew Shepard and so many others, supporting the formation of a Gay/Straight Alliance at the Clovis High School despite the controversial attempts of the administration to block it, and helping to support the formation of Eastern New Mexico Pride, which hosted the first ever gay pride parade in Clovis. Their efforts have been recognized by ENMU awarding them the Best Program by a Student Organization. 
        The group has many plans and goals for the upcoming semester including: marching in the Home Coming Parade, hosting a Rainbow Ball at the College, holding fund raising drives for charities and events, hosting service activities such as supporting the Road Runner food bank, and increasing outreach across our communities in order to promote equal treatment for all disadvantaged or oppressed groups. The local group’s founder, Robert Johnston, and vice president, John Bonner, invite the community to come and join them for a fun filled and active semester. A semester of service, change, and pride! 
        You can contact Robert or John at or, also   feel free to contact the group by visiting their web site at

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