Get Involved!!!

By Marketta A. Davis

With the beginning of the 2011 fall semester starting off strong, the Associated Student Activities Board has been working hard to organize all of the various campus organizations that Eastern has to offer.  Many organizations have already held their first meetings readying the activities they have planned for the semester, but they are still open to new members seeking to get involved on campus and in their community.  The Eastern Student Activities and Organizations website, which can be found under the  Current Students on the main ENMU website, has a list of all the clubs, groups, and societies that make up this area of our student life.  These organizations include but are not limited to recreational activities, academic societies, and special interest groups.

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One such academic honorary society that Eastern has to offer is the Mu Alpha Nu Anthropology Club.  The main objective of Mu Alpha Nu is to study present-day and prehistoric man.  The first meeting was held on yesterday Monday, Sept. 12 in Lea Hall and this organization is looking forward to a busy and exciting semester.  They are planning homecoming float ideas, T-shirt designs, and a tour of Blackwater Draw!  If you want any information pertaining to Mu Alpha Nu or are interested in joining, please contact Club President Ethan Ortega at or Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Graduate Coordinator Dr. David Batten.

Another academic ENMU organization is the Justice, Law, and Public Policy Society, also known as the Justice League.  This club is reserved to students who are interested in subjects such as criminal justice, politics, and law.  Although their major focus is in these studies, you do not have to be majoring in them to be a member.  The Justice League  will be holding their next meeting on today, Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the College of Business building room 109.  To find out more about this organization please contact Club President Shelby Hatch at or Club Advisors Dr. Tim Cunha or Dr. Michael Ryan.

For students who are interested in Dentistry, ENMU offers a Pre-Dentistry Society that is supported by surrounding Clovis and Portales dentists and is sponsored by the New Mexico Dental Association.  This is a new club on campus, designed to provide networking and learning experience as well as discussion of the new developments in the field.  For more information, please contact Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Matthew Barlow at or call 562-2543.

ENMU also has a very active Hospitality Club.  This club is open to students who are pursuing jobs in the fields of hotel, restaurant, and banquet management as well as convention, tourism, and event planning in the entertainment business.  Their purpose is to expand student knowledge in these fields to assist in future career opportunities and skill developments.  You do not have to be in a specific major to join this club.  You only have to be interested in food, travel, and expansion!  Please contact Club President Rebecca King at for more information.

For students that are interesting in representing the ENMU student body as a whole, the Associated Students of Eastern New Mexico University (or ASENMU) is the organization to consider.  The ASENMU houses three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial.  Together these bodies serve as a connection between the students and the administrative staff.  They frequently host events for the other student campus organizations that encourage both leadership and service.  For more information about the ASENMU, please contact President Brittany Chrisman at or Vice President Chase Taylor at

There are many ways outside of academics here at Eastern to develop your knowledge, create networking skills, and build your resume through leadership and community service.  There are over 40 clubs and organizations offered at ENMU, each catered for different student interests and opportunities.  Remember, to learn about these individual groups, please visit the ENMU webpage, click on Current Students, and scroll down to Student Activities and Organizations.  So get interested, get motivated, and get involved!

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