By Matt Hall

Does all that homework, the activities, the meetings and other such things have you  hanging on you like you’re running a marathon with a refrigerator on your back instead of a little three pound water bottle in your hand? Does it seem like there is no way out? College can be a stressful time in life, and it is not easy when it is coupled with a feeling of hopelessness.

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This is where the dedicated staff of ENMU’s Counseling and Career Services comes in. This department produces the “Wellness Wednesday” program. This program does not only address this problem, but can also help to provide solution the problem. It is conducted by wellness counselor Leslie Jones, who said the purpose of this program, is to identify when and where your stress is occurring helping you to devise a plan and solution to one’s own individual need. Jones provided instruction on many different methods and techniques of relaxation including music, nutrition, and sleep. She encouraged this by highlighting key tools such as advice on how to practice simple forms of breathing, muscular, visual and mental exercises that will help now, and in any future occasions such as this. Jones professed that these tips on management of stress provides the benefit of a healthier, more productive lifestyle and work ethic. Manuel Guiellen, a student of ENMU, said that he tries not to encounter stress at all and concluded that,“Any little bit will help. Meaning even during those times when you just can’t handle it anymore to the point where you are on the verge of giving up you have you keep trying. Even a little can make a big difference.”

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