ENMU – Iraq and Afghanistan Military Care Package Campaign

Do you have a parent or sibling serving in a military branch and stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan? Eastern New Mexico University students and employees are reaching out to U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan with a “care package” campaign to let the troops know they haven’t been forgotten. It is our sincere hope that our efforts will demonstrate how much we appreciate our military’s efforts as well as honoring loved ones that are serving our country. This project started during the summer of 2008, and nineteen of our military members have been honored with a package from ENMU.

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To include your loved one in this care package campaign, please reply to this message with the information noted below or send the information to Academic Affairs, ENMU Station 2:

1.  Your name and relationship to the package recipient 

2.  Full name, unit, and mailing address of the package recipient 

3.  Photo of recipient, if possible

Photos will be posted on our “Honoring Those Who Serve” bulletin board which is located in the administration building, room 204. You may email your photo or drop it by AD 204.

If you do not have a parent or sibling serving in the military but would like to help with the project, you are welcome to donate items for the packages. The types of items needed are:

Batteries (especially AAA and AA), magazines and books, toiletries (shaving cream, disposable razors, lotion, body and foot powder, toothbrushes, and manicure items), individual packaged facial wipes, hard candy, gum, trail mix, cards or other games.

Items may be dropped off in Academic Affairs (AD 204)

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