ENMU Receives STEM Grant

ENMU science building

PORTALES—Eastern New Mexico University in Portales has received a five-year grant for $3,077,575 for Engaging Students in STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering) Careers.  The U.S. Department of Education Title V appropriation will be $615,226 per year.

According to project director Kenwyn Cradock, associate professor of biology, “The project will increase enrollment, retention, academic success, and graduation in STEM programs, and to improve opportunities for students to participate and succeed in STEM programs by extending access and developing instruction and service improvements.”

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Eastern New Mexico University, a public, comprehensive four-year and graduate institution, proposes to increase enrollment, retention, and graduation in baccalaureate STEM programs, and to expand opportunity for students by improving meaningful access to programs and services leading to educational and career success. Over the five years of the project, ENMU will undertake the initiatives in pursuit of increased STEM enrollment, success, and program completion.

Over five years the grant will fund $700,000 in equipment.  

The grant also provides supplemental instruction and tutoring in selected science and math classes and opportunities for students to conduct research with faculty mentors. 

Three components of the grant are outreach, student success, and hands-on student research opportunities:

  • ·Development of Outreach Services to Increase STEM Awareness and Preparedness of Entering Freshman and Transfer Students. In this component, ENMU develops and pilots summer bridge programs, pre-assessment of academic skills and deficiencies; and information concerning STEM career opportunities, educational and financial resources. Services are developed to help freshman and transfer students make a successful transition to postsecondary STEM study.
  • ·Development of Services to Increase STEM Student Success. New services include supplemental instruction and learning communities addressing common STEM “barrier” courses, math curriculum enhancement, and STEM career exploration activities. Faculty professional development activities will assist faculty members in addressing issues of engagement and high withdrawal/failure rates in large lecture sections of common STEM major required courses.
  • ·Development of Activities to Increase Engagement in STEM as a Career. This initiative engages students in STEM career choices, through increased hands-on learning, professional development activities for STEM students, and development of a program of undergraduate research. This initiative will increase student readiness for employment in STEM fields and pursuit of advanced degrees.

For more information, call Patrice Caldwell, executive director of Planning and Analysis, at 575-562-2315.

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