Hispanic Heritage Month weekly events

Event: “Hispanic Rey y Reina Competition”
Date: Thursday, September 29th
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Campus Ballroom
Description: Support ENMU students as they compete for the title of Hispanic King and Queen. Contestants will be judged in three areas: Talent, Hispanic Knowledge, and ENMU Spirit.

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Title: “How Minorities are Improving in Today’s School System” by : Eppie Calderon
Date: Wednesday, September 28th
Time:  2:00pm
Location: Sandia Room
Description:  Eppie Calderon, Hobbs High School Principal, will present Multicultural Leadership- An overview of Leadership requirements for education administrators.  The presentation will focus on leadership aspects which include:  a survey of current ethnic populations, relating to diverse populations, bringing diverse parent populations into your school, developing a sense of belonging to your students and community, and leadership characteristics in a multicultural world.

“Buñuelos Cooking Class”
Date: Friday, September 30th
Time: 11:30am
Location: Behind the Administration Building
Description: Learn how to make Buñuelos from scratch. Buñuelos are considered the fritter of Latin America. Varying from round balls of dough to flat disk-shaped bread. Buñuelos are an essential dish in Latin cuisine.

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