Hollywood Hounds

By Tiffany Boyd

On September 20th-21st, ASENMU Homecoming committee held the annual Homecoming King and Queen sign-ups for the 2011 Hollywood Hounds Homecoming celebration.

The Director of Elections, Justin Aguilar, said, “On average we usually have around 10 people sign up for king and 10 for queen.”

For each interested candidate, a witness was required to be present, and sign by the name of the potential King or Queen.

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Aguilar said, “After sign ups the candidates must attend a rules meeting with the director of elections.”

The meeting was held after the final student signed-up. The meeting involved all the nominees, discussing the preparations for Homecoming.

“Candidates promote themselves in many ways for example: posters in the CUB, flyers and posters around campus, some creative Facebook pages, and by chalking around campus,” as Aguilar elaborated.

In previous years, ENMU’s Homecoming themes have been the Wild West and Thriller, but this year’s theme is an elegant and glamorous celebration.

Aguilar states, “The theme for this year’s homecoming is Hollywood Hounds! It will be better in the sense that this year’s theme was more agreed upon than last years. I have seen a lot of people excited about this year’s theme. I think there will be a lot of creativeness when it comes to the theme.”

Aguilar added, “We usually ask the candidates to dress formal or at least to the theme of that year’s homecoming.”

Aguilar concluded with the statement, “Voting for King and Queen runs from Wednesday October 5, at 8am until 5pm Thursday October 6. Students can cast their votes by going online to enmu.edu/vote.”

Stay tuned for the exciting Homecoming events:

Hollywood Hound Bound ENMU Homecoming Show

on Oct. 6-8 at 7:00 p.m. and the Homecoming Football

game on Oct. 8 at 2:00 p.m.

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