Minute to Win It

Students competing for the prize.

By Kara Brachter

On Friday, September 23, the CUB Ballroom was filled with “Oohs!”, “Ahhs!”, laughter, and encouragement as one by one students tried to perform tasks in under a minute, competing for prizes and the right to be called the “Minute to Win It” champion of ENMU. ASAB provided tasks that seemed impossible to accomplish to the naked eye. The game show night challenges relied upon simple tasks by using some household materials such as soda cans, tissues, rubber bands, yo-yos, cotton balls, ping-pong balls, water bottles and chairs.

The night’s games came directly from the famed television programof the same name; the key to winning was just a matter of having a strategy for some people. In fact, no one could really argue that the games were outrageously simple. The students who played couldn’t help but have a blast playing them because the contest  didn’t require much physical effort.

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The evening began with the a game called “Yank Me,” a game based upon stacking up cups with paper in between then yanking the paper out from underneath. It ended up being one of the more difficult games of the night. A freshman, Michael Stephens, who competed well in the games throughout the night said, “My favorite challenge from “Minute to Win It” was “Yank Me” because I was the first person out of all of the contestants to complete the level.”          

One by one, people were continuously struck down by the simple tasks.  One of the easier and funnier games of the evening that aroused the crowd was “Bottoms Up,” were the contestant must have the yo-yo tied around his or her waist to knock over soda cans on a chair. But out of all of the games throughout the competition, “Stick the Landing,” proved to leave the contestants puzzled. This game was one in which the contestants had to fling water bottles upright onto the table by only using one hand. Alisha Anderson, a freshman here at ENMU, said, “Minute to Win It  is definitely harder than it looks.” Anderson added, “If I were ever going to be on the real television show I would have to practice because it is not easy and it becomes complex.”   

            Stay tuned for more events sponsored by ASAB: Free Movie Monday on Sept. 26 at 7p.m. and also Rock Awareness on Oct. 1 at 12 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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