Project Linus

By Marketta A. Davis

The Eastern Associated Study Activities Board (ASAB) hosted their first Project Linus community service event last Wednesday night in the CUB.  The event goal was to make blankets for children in need that will be collected, sent to the project headquarters, and distributed nationwide.  ASAB provided cookies, brownies, and other refreshments to the volunteers, as well two sewing machines.  Although bringing your own material was encouraged and preferred, ASAB did provide various fleece materials for the blankets.

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Project Linus is a non-profit organization with two primary purposes. describes the first purpose to be providing reassurance, comfort, and encouragement in the form of handmade blankets and afghans to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, and in need.  The second is to fulfill their mission of creating a service that is both enjoyable and worthwhile.  These blankets are made by volunteers and sent to the national headquarters in Bloomington, Ill.  Once the blankets and afghans are received by headquarters either directly or through a local chapter, they are sent to hospitals, shelters, and social service agencies.

Jacob Lee, a junior at ENMU, was one of the volunteers that attended the event.  He contributed one blanket to the project and believed strongly in the cause.  “Project Linus is all about saving babies’ lives,” he said.  Lee helped to promote the event and was excited to see his fellow students getting involved in the community service.  “Our blankets are made from the heart.  We’re helping out friends and families.”

The student coordinator, Jhordan Granger, was also excited to be a part of the project.  The event started at 7 p.m. and by 8 p.m. 5 blankets had been made to go along with 3 that people donated.  “So far, I’ve made one blanket,” Granger said but she was happy to be doing her part.

Beth Romero was another ENMU student that came to support Project Linus.  She made a black and white blanket with a puppy paws pattern.  If Eastern were to continue in this endeavor, Romero expressed her firm intentions to come back and volunteer.  “I think it’s great,” she said.  “These kids need to be helped.”

Project Linus was a one night event but ASAB will continue to accept blankets and afghans until tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 28.  All donations can be brought to the Campus Student Life office in the CUB room 104.  For questions about Project Linus, please contact the office at 562-2108 or Granger at

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