Warrior Strength

By Matthew Hall

What is a warrior? A basic definition of a warrior is a one who shows or has shown great vigor, courage or aggressiveness. The military, one of the most prominent and important forces of American society, is considered to be a producer of warriors.

    These are the warriors who provide protection and defense for Americans and put their lives in the line of danger in order to provide that protection. As defined by Cadet Second Class Fredrick A. Bullard, assigned Division 2, USCC, a warrior in the military is “an American committed to values of duty, honor and selfless service . . . [putting] the welfare of others above their own each and every day and the train of thought that allows them to never accept defeat and never quit.”

     If you look with a broader perspective you can see another type of warrior in society. There are warriors like those in the military fighting to keep their lives, which are in constant danger of being taken by other humans, but then there are those warriors who are kind of hidden behind closed doors. These are the warriors who fight for their lives by themselves. The only differences between these two kinds of warriors is that when one warrior gets “hit” they still have that hope of assurance that they can still be cured, but for the other warrior once they get “hit” all they have is a sense of faith.

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    These types of warriors were never trained or prepared for what they endure. And unlike the military, many were forced to join their fellow warriors even at the age of three or younger, they just never knew it. These warriors are recognized as the fighters and defenders of the inner chaos, a chaos that we know as cancer.

    This month is childhood cancer awareness month and we must recognize the fact that cancer has dwelt among us and is still on the prowl . According to the American Childhood Cancer organization, “Each year in the U.S. there are approximately 12,400 children [who are between] the ages of birth and 19 years of age who are diagnosed with cancer.” About 70 percent of children die from this disease. About 40 percent of those deaths come from children who are under the age of five, but mostly from children who are younger than one.

     The reason why it is so important to make this a priority, is because cancer is still so mysterious to us. That is why most deaths in the U.S. are caused from cancer, especially in children, also because cancer is still incurable and spread out in such a broad spectrum of variations. Writer Alice Park of TIME says “in fact cancer isn’t simply one disease in which cells suddenly start to grow out of control, but rather hundreds of different diseases.”

   According to American Association for Cancer Research Cancer Progress Report “cancer is actually more like 200 distinct diseases, each spurred on by slightly different causes requiring different treatments.” Cancer takes the lives of so many loved ones, and valued companions and there is no way we can completely stop it. These warriors don’t have weapons, any armor or medals to show it, but these warriors are fighting against something that has as great of a cause as any other warrior, the enemy of their own will.

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