Sigma Chi presents House of Horror

By Marketta Davis

Sigma Chi Fraternity created their annual haunted house this past weekend to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.  The fraternity members decorated the house using both classic and modern Halloween concepts throughout most of the rooms to include ghosts, strobes lights, blood-stained sheets, and eerie music to accompany the various scene setups.

The tour began with a disclaimer from a Sigma Chi member advising anyone who scared easily to reconsider taking the tour.  Following the cautioning yet creative warning, groups of 5 to 10 people were walked slowly through the carefully thought out haunted fraternity quarters.  ENMU senior, Sigma Chi member, and haunted house coordinator Josh Kelly helped to design many of the rooms in the house and was pleased with the outcome and turnout.  “We’ve had college students, high school students, and even middle school students from both Portales and Clovis,” he said.

Driving past the house, you could hear the shrieks and screams of participants inside and see the reactions of people coming out from behind the backyard maze.  Farwell, Texas resident Carlos Meza said he did not have a favorite part of the haunted house.  “I liked the whole thing,” he exclaimed.  “It was awesome!”

Even contributors to the house scenes were enjoying themselves.  ENMU freshman Sarah Cogar played a helpless victim who was suddenly pulled behind a curtain by an unsuspecting Halloween ghoul.  It was her first time being a part in the Sigma Chi event.  “It was really fun,” she said.  Freshman Josh Field was also a victim, playing dead as tourists walked by and startling them with cries of help.  He said, “It was cool.”

This year marked the fifth anniversary since their haunted house debut in 2006 and students were lined up outside the front door ready to donate and experience a true Sigma Chi Halloween.  The cover charge for the house was $5 but attendees were able to donate more if they chose to do so.  The doors opened on last Friday, Oct. 28 and by Saturday the fraternity had already raised over $1000.

The Children’s Miracle Network was initiated through a small studio televised fund-raising program and was founded in 1983.  The goals of the non-profit organization are to help as many children as possible by donations made to children’s hospitals nationwide and to keep these donations in the communities they were raised in for their local community hospitals.

The haunted house was a success for Sigma Chi and all those involved in preparing the house for the event.  Everyone enjoyed the Halloween festivities and decor from the front door black out to the backyard maze and the payoff for the brothers of Sigma Chi was twofold.  It was both a rewarding charity and an old fashioned haunted house Halloween experience.

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