ZTA Spaghetti Dinner

By: Mathew Hall

Yum! Food! a delicious necessity in everyone’s life, but it’s even better when the food benfits a noble cause. The ZETA TAU ALPHA chapter of ENMU takes on this challenge each year, bringing awareness to silent killer, breast cancer. Supporting a cause like this is a lot of work and the ZTA know that, that is why they are partnered with several other organizations that believe in the support of these people also. Organizations like the NFL organization, the YOPLAIT organization, SELF-magazine, LIFETIME TV network and Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure.

Headed by President Maddy Kruse, Vice President and Fundraising Chair Demesia Medina and Vice President Ashley Wolfe, this is one of the larger events the ZTA’s do during the year. Medina says that they average from 150 to 170 breast cancer supporters through their events like this dinner.

The spaghetti dinners were $8.00 a plate and that may sound expensive for a plate of spaghetti, but this cost wasn’t just for the ingredients, all of the money is donated directly to breast cancer research. So if you missed this great opportunity to help out these victims of breast cancer then don’t worry because Medina also said that these are, “continuous fundraisers” so there will be many more opportunities like these to be able to give your appreciation and support to these people.

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