Fall Ball

By: Marissa Hyde

On November 5, 2011, over 280 students attended ASAB’s most infamous fall event. Students seemed to get into the spirit of the surroundings with the theme of “Italian Mafia”. Those in attendance were encouraged to dress as thought they were rubbing elbows with the likes of Al Capone, Frank Costello and John Gotti. The menu flowed seamlessly with the theme, as antipasto, toasted ravioli, humus; olives, spinach artichoke dip, and canola were served. “I think the music was good but they could have probably had more snacks because they ran out,” said Tara Mason. As they were serenaded by the beats from West Texas D.J.s, students had the opportunity to visit the Italian Soda and Café Mocha stations.”It was so fun! The music was amazing! It was a lot of newer songs that made it fun to dance to. I had such a good time, we stayed until it was over,” said Ashley Nelson. Unlike most events that ASAB hosts, Fall Ball is a full on joint effort. All coordinators pitch in, and they did so in style. “It was nothing special or mind blowing, but still fun,” said Zane Dalton. The next ASAB event scheduled is an Open Mic Night, on November 11, where they will be raising money for juvenile diabetes. If ASAB is something that interests you or you would like to get involved; swing by the Campus Life Office in the Campus Union Building Lobby to sign up or get information

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