Simulare Viatae

By: Kara Bratcher

The expression of creativity and imagination, typically in painting or sculpture, is often designed to be viewed and appreciated for their beauty. The Department of Art at ENMU had their opening of their annual Student Juried Exhibition to the public this past Tuesday, Nov. 2nd in Runnels Gallery of the Golden Library.
The theme for this year’s show was Simulare Vitae, coming from the Latin meaning to simulate life.
The exhibit displays various forms of sculptures, drawings, paintings, and animations that were submitted by talented students around the ENMU campus. There were one hundred and six works submitted to be in the exhibition, but only forty-six made it into the final show.
Juror of this year’s show, Jessie Dodington said, “It was a great pleasure to participate in the selection process of this year’s show, Simulare Vitae. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the submissions and would like to thank everyone who entered works for consideration.” She credited her choices for the final show to a number of things, variety being a big part.
Dodington also said, “The artists voices are incredibly distinct and are individual in character. When you bring them together they form another entity. This show is infused with what this year’s students are most keen on expressing one I hope they are all proud of contributing to.”
The Student Juried Exhibition is a great way for the up and coming artists around the campus of ENMU to show off his or her work to other artists and people interested in art.
Other students from ENMU enjoy going to see the work of their fellow peers each year. Alongside the many different forms of media, the student juried show included a best of show, second place, third place and an honorable mention. The winners of the exhibition will not be revealed until the closing reception, in Runnels Gallery, on December 2nd.

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