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Simulare Viatae

By: Kara Bratcher

The expression of creativity and imagination, typically in painting or sculpture, is often designed to be viewed and appreciated for their beauty. The Department of Art at ENMU had their opening of their annual Student Juried Exhibition to the public this past Tuesday, Nov. 2nd in Runnels Gallery of the Golden Library.
The theme for this year’s show was Simulare Vitae, coming from the Latin meaning to simulate life.
The exhibit displays various forms of sculptures, drawings, paintings, and animations that were submitted by talented students around the ENMU campus. There were one hundred and six works submitted to be in the exhibition, but only forty-six made it into the final show.
Juror of this year’s show, Jessie Dodington said, “It was a great pleasure to participate in the selection process of this year’s show, Simulare Vitae. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the submissions and would like to thank everyone who entered works for consideration.” She credited her choices for the final show to a number of things, variety being a big part.
Dodington also said, “The artists voices are incredibly distinct and are individual in character. When you bring them together they form another entity. This show is infused with what this year’s students are most keen on expressing one I hope they are all proud of contributing to.”
The Student Juried Exhibition is a great way for the up and coming artists around the campus of ENMU to show off his or her work to other artists and people interested in art.
Other students from ENMU enjoy going to see the work of their fellow peers each year. Alongside the many different forms of media, the student juried show included a best of show, second place, third place and an honorable mention. The winners of the exhibition will not be revealed until the closing reception, in Runnels Gallery, on December 2nd.

Fall Ball

By: Marissa Hyde

On November 5, 2011, over 280 students attended ASAB’s most infamous fall event. Students seemed to get into the spirit of the surroundings with the theme of “Italian Mafia”. Those in attendance were encouraged to dress as thought they were rubbing elbows with the likes of Al Capone, Frank Costello and John Gotti. The menu flowed seamlessly with the theme, as antipasto, toasted ravioli, humus; olives, spinach artichoke dip, and canola were served. “I think the music was good but they could have probably had more snacks because they ran out,” said Tara Mason. As they were serenaded by the beats from West Texas D.J.s, students had the opportunity to visit the Italian Soda and Café Mocha stations.”It was so fun! The music was amazing! It was a lot of newer songs that made it fun to dance to. I had such a good time, we stayed until it was over,” said Ashley Nelson. Unlike most events that ASAB hosts, Fall Ball is a full on joint effort. All coordinators pitch in, and they did so in style. “It was nothing special or mind blowing, but still fun,” said Zane Dalton. The next ASAB event scheduled is an Open Mic Night, on November 11, where they will be raising money for juvenile diabetes. If ASAB is something that interests you or you would like to get involved; swing by the Campus Life Office in the Campus Union Building Lobby to sign up or get information

Sigma Chi presents House of Horror

By Marketta Davis

Sigma Chi Fraternity created their annual haunted house this past weekend to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.  The fraternity members decorated the house using both classic and modern Halloween concepts throughout most of the rooms to include ghosts, strobes lights, blood-stained sheets, and eerie music to accompany the various scene setups.

The tour began with a disclaimer from a Sigma Chi member advising anyone who scared easily to reconsider taking the tour.  Following the cautioning yet creative warning, groups of 5 to 10 people were walked slowly through the carefully thought out haunted fraternity quarters.  ENMU senior, Sigma Chi member, and haunted house coordinator Josh Kelly helped to design many of the rooms in the house and was pleased with the outcome and turnout.  “We’ve had college students, high school students, and even middle school students from both Portales and Clovis,” he said.

Driving past the house, you could hear the shrieks and screams of participants inside and see the reactions of people coming out from behind the backyard maze.  Farwell, Texas resident Carlos Meza said he did not have a favorite part of the haunted house.  “I liked the whole thing,” he exclaimed.  “It was awesome!”

Even contributors to the house scenes were enjoying themselves.  ENMU freshman Sarah Cogar played a helpless victim who was suddenly pulled behind a curtain by an unsuspecting Halloween ghoul.  It was her first time being a part in the Sigma Chi event.  “It was really fun,” she said.  Freshman Josh Field was also a victim, playing dead as tourists walked by and startling them with cries of help.  He said, “It was cool.”

This year marked the fifth anniversary since their haunted house debut in 2006 and students were lined up outside the front door ready to donate and experience a true Sigma Chi Halloween.  The cover charge for the house was $5 but attendees were able to donate more if they chose to do so.  The doors opened on last Friday, Oct. 28 and by Saturday the fraternity had already raised over $1000.

The Children’s Miracle Network was initiated through a small studio televised fund-raising program and was founded in 1983.  The goals of the non-profit organization are to help as many children as possible by donations made to children’s hospitals nationwide and to keep these donations in the communities they were raised in for their local community hospitals.

The haunted house was a success for Sigma Chi and all those involved in preparing the house for the event.  Everyone enjoyed the Halloween festivities and decor from the front door black out to the backyard maze and the payoff for the brothers of Sigma Chi was twofold.  It was both a rewarding charity and an old fashioned haunted house Halloween experience.

Up ‘til Dawn

By Tiffany Boyd

On Friday, October 21st, ASENMU and ASAB sponsored the annual 2011 Up ‘Til Dawn cancer awareness and donation challenge.

Up ‘Til Dawn is an event where students raise awareness of cancer through various challenges, such as writing personalized letters to friends and family for donations. The money is raised for St. Jude Children’s Hospital to help children who are living with various types of cancer pay for the expenses of their condition.

According to the website, Up ‘Til Dawn participants “sacrifice a night of sleep to honor the patients and their families that have many sleepless nights.” Also, each individual had to contribute at least fifteen addresses upon entering the event.

ENMU’s Up ‘Til Dawn consisted of teams of six to eight individuals who participated in different fundraising activities, while spreading awareness to friends and family about the crucial matter of saving a child’s life.

Letter writing, song selections and performers entertained the supportive students and faculty throughout the night.

Winners and runner-ups of the 2011 Song Fest and the Talent show performed an encore presentation of their performances during Up ‘Til Dawn. There was a special appearance, by Molodi’s Jason Jayro Nious and Antwan Davis, who seemed to bring soul and urban spirit to the compassionate stage of Up ‘Til Dawn. Also, door prizes were awarded and games were played throughout the evening. Participants won various prizes such as ENMU spirit shirts, mugs, and overall ENMU essentials.

            Rosa Harper, a group member of Dougie for a Cure, stated “How important it is to help contribute money for the welfare of children who have different types of cancer and helping find a cure.” Harper added, “The child, which my team had sponsored, was named Megan. I said a little prayer for her and her family.” Harper’s suggestion, in reference to spreading the awareness of cancer was, “contribute to the active awareness groups on campus and remember that charity starts at home.” Harper’s team, Dougie for a Cure, performed their original lyrical anthem, “Teach me how to Hootie,” at Up ‘Til Dawn, which won first place at the 2011 ENMU Song Fest. Harper’s team wrote over 100 letters throughout the night.

            Rachel Whitt, a group member of Cool Kids on Da Block, stated, “We wanted to raise awareness of fund raising efforts for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.” Whitt added, “Our table did not ‘sponsor’ a particular child, but I had a personal inspiration. I worked with a young boy last summer named Lance Fletcher; Lance is currently in remission after battling Osteosarcoma at St. Jude’s.” Whitt’s suggestion, to spreading the awareness of cancer was, “Events like Up ‘Til Dawn are good because they rally college students, like myself. Any events that mobilize the college base are good.”

            Kaiwen Xu, a group member of The Crayola Box, stated “I enjoyed getting together to participate in Up ‘Til Dawn, and helping to fight childhood cancer.” Xu added, “The child that my group sponsored had retinoblastoma.” Xu’s suggestion, in reference to spreading the awareness of cancer was, “If possible, I like to make a t-shirt that has help childhood cancer on it, so when I walk around, everybody can see it. Also, I will keep those stickers, that I received at Up ‘Till Dawn, display them somewhere where people can see them, like my office or home.”

Throughout the night, footage of previous and current patients was viewed, which created a heartfelt tone among the participants. Also, a cancer survivor, Matt Hall, discussed his journey through the beginning and the ending of his recovery, concerning a cancerous tumor in his head.

At the end of the night, the 2011 Up ‘Til Dawn participants wrote a total of over 6000 letters, which were sent to family members, friends, co-workers, and citizens of the community. St. Jude Children’s Hospital conducts “groundbreaking research and pioneering care to save the lives of children in communities everywhere.”

Hall of Honors Banquet

By J.T. Keith

ENMU Athletic Hall of Honors… You might ask yourself what that is. Well, it is only the hottest show on campus. This past Friday, Oct. 28, witnessed another well run and coordinated event. Everything was first class from the decorations, done by Event coordinator Sara Hill, to the autograph signing by the inductees.

Don “Doc” Elder was the master of ceremonies and worth the price of admission alone. Moving this event away from Homecoming three years ago made the award ceremony a stand-alone event, and gives the former athletes proper recognition; it is the ENMU equivalent to being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Student/Athletes feel they are in school to play sports and have a good time, and that is partly true, but the key ingredient is to get an education. Once an athletic career is over, it is time to become a contributing member of society and live a productive life; not only, to give back, but to pay it forward. ENMU provides that for its athletes.

ENMU athletics is not only about competing hard on the athletic field; it is also about developing the whole person, to become successful, by doing things the right way, regardless of the scoreboard. ENMU is about creating a family bond that can never be broken through time, life or death.

Some student/ athletes walk around thinking they’re the man/woman, but the athletic department has a different criteria than one might think for selecting honorees. To become a member of this club a person must be a good athlete, a good student, and most importantly a good person who is contributing to society, and supported ENMU.

This is  exclusive club started inducting members in1984, and includes a former member of the House of Representatives, Gary Robbins, ENMU graduating class of 1973, inducted this year as a Supporter. In attendance was current State Senator Stuart Ingle, Hall of Honors Inductee Class of 1995, as a Supporter. This year’s 7 inductees bring the total members to 163.

Hall of Honors, for the first time in its illustrious history, has inducted a husband and wife duo together- Jeff and Laci Lee-Howard.

This year’s Bench Club Member of the Year award went to Hall of Fame Rodeo Coach Charles Chambers. Mr. Chambers said that he and  his wife Evelyn bleed Silver and Grey, and expressed how thankful he was to be “useful and needed.”

Corporate Partner of the Year went to Rooney Moon Broadcasting. Mr. Rooney told of how he and his partner originally bought the radio station with the intention of flipping it after several years, but he and his wife fell in love with the town of Portales. Rooney loves how ENMU is doing things the right way academically and athletically. Mr. Rooney complimented “the outstanding leadership of President Gamble, and Athletic Director Jeff Geiser, and the direction the school is headed.”

Faculty and Staff Member of the Year went to Jackie Kabrick, who was not present to accept the award.

Greatest Zia was cross-country runner Nicole Reid; Reid thanked her family for supporting her.

Greatest Greyhound went to Tillman Stevens. Stevens thanked Head Football Coach Mark Ribaudo, and ENMU, for helping him “develop into a man.”

Athletes who were inducted included Terry Cron for football, Class of 1971. Cron at ENMU played tight end. As a head football coach, Cron is the only coach in Texas football history to win three State Championship titles at three different schools in three different classifications.

Other honorees included:

Lindsay Schiely for Volleyball, Class of 2005. Schiely was voted Greatest Zia 2005-06, selected First Team All-Lone Star Conference South Division 2004 and 2005, and First Team ESPN the Magazine Academic All-District 2005.

Dallas McMann for Baseball, Class of 2003. McMann was voted Greatest Greyhound in 2002-03, and a Three-time First-Team All-Lone Star Conference selection.

Terry Don Leatherwood, Rodeo, Class of 1980, qualified for Intercollegiate Rodeo Finals in Bozeman, Montana, 1979-80, and Reserve National Champion Calf Roper, Second day Money Calf Roping.

Laci Lee-Howard, Women’s Basketball Class of 2004, is a Two-Time Lone Star Conference South Division All-Academic selection, 2004-05 ESPN Academic All-American, and 17th on the ENMU career scoring list.

Jeff Howard, Football, Class of 2004, First Team AFCA All-American 2004, Honorable Mention All-American D2 2004, played in 2004 Cactus Bowl, and his Jersey was retired by the Greyhound football team.

Gary Robbins, Supporter Class of 1973, 1987 ENMU Distinguished Service Award, Former Bench Club Board Member, 1979-1992 Member of the New Mexico House of Representatives, and in 1990 was instrumental in the reestablishment of Eastern’s baseball program. While in the New Mexico Legislature, he was responsible for numerous increases in the Eastern’s Athletics budgets and the restoration of the baseball park, in addition to being a yearly contributor to Eastern’s Baseball and Softball Equipment Fund.

“Into the Woods”

By Matthew Hall

We all know those cute little stories that we remember from our childhood. These stories built our imaginations, creativity and give us that chance to make a difference in the world by the development of these moral qualities. So what are these stories that are so memorable? Fairy tales! You know, like Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and Repunzel.

We love these stories in their original productions, how these stories portray such a magical and influential feeling deep down inside, but there are always other productions that derive from these stories. These alternate types of productions show us another side of these well-known fairy tale characters, which seem to be hidden from us. One of these altered types of productions is being performed here at Eastern New Mexico University. This production is called “Into the Woods.” It started its first showing on Oct. 27and held it’s final performance on Oct.30

It is a 20th century Broadway/ opera fusion music written by Stephen Sondheim. Tickets were $6.00 a person for admission, but it was worth of the cost.

“Into the Woods” takes you on a journey through several of those fairy tales that we know so well. By combining several of those well-known fairy tale characters, along with a few other characters that many are familiar with, a broader story of deception, humor, terror, and even some romance emerges. For instance in this production you will see a confused, conflicted, almost two-faced Cinderella, a bloodthirsty Little Red Riding Hood, and a deceitful prince charming who has a roaming eye for women. Assistant director and audio manager Dr. Elizabeth Wade said that if this were a big movie production, this musical would be categorized as, “a moral adventure.”

This is because “Into the Woods” isn’t just another play. It is a musical which gives you more than a regular play does. A musical is based on a combination of vocal singing, vocal dialogue and acting. Dr. Wade describes a musical as “a dialogue dispersed with vocal emotions and circumstances where characters experience epiphanies that you can’t get from dialogue.” A musical can have a very powerful effect on the audience and others who are in the show, but it is a lot of work. For example Director and Conductor Dr. Jason Vest says for him it was difficult to work and put together as the conductor, “Because the music changes so much and you have to keep the actors all coordinated to the music.”

Even though there wasn’t a comment from the other director/audio producer, Dr. Jean Ornellas, impressively played all the music throughout the 2 ½ to 3 hour musical on the piano.Actor and vocalist Lauren Cook, who played the old witch/ Repunzel’s mother commented that it was, “really fun, but hard to be the part of her character.”

ZTA Spaghetti Dinner

By: Mathew Hall

Yum! Food! a delicious necessity in everyone’s life, but it’s even better when the food benfits a noble cause. The ZETA TAU ALPHA chapter of ENMU takes on this challenge each year, bringing awareness to silent killer, breast cancer. Supporting a cause like this is a lot of work and the ZTA know that, that is why they are partnered with several other organizations that believe in the support of these people also. Organizations like the NFL organization, the YOPLAIT organization, SELF-magazine, LIFETIME TV network and Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure.

Headed by President Maddy Kruse, Vice President and Fundraising Chair Demesia Medina and Vice President Ashley Wolfe, this is one of the larger events the ZTA’s do during the year. Medina says that they average from 150 to 170 breast cancer supporters through their events like this dinner.

The spaghetti dinners were $8.00 a plate and that may sound expensive for a plate of spaghetti, but this cost wasn’t just for the ingredients, all of the money is donated directly to breast cancer research. So if you missed this great opportunity to help out these victims of breast cancer then don’t worry because Medina also said that these are, “continuous fundraisers” so there will be many more opportunities like these to be able to give your appreciation and support to these people.

Boo Bash!

by: Marketta Davis

ENMU held various activities across campus this Halloween season to get students and faculty in the spirit of costuming and trick-or-treating.  There were arts and crafts, decoration assemblies, Halloween-themed foods and potlucks, and dances.

The ASAB held their annual Halloween Boo Bash last Thursday, Oct. 27 in the CUB Ballroom.  The theme for this year’s party was Harry Potter, complete with the various movie characters, glowing wands, and a repeating projection of the box office hit Harry Potter movie series.  Students, faculty, and staff who participated in the event were welcomed to “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” (the CUB) in the “Hogwarts Castle Great Hall” (the Ballroom) with Halloween decorated tables, balloons, snacks, and a DJ.

ENMU sophomore and ASAB Music Coordinator Timothy McCoy headed the Boo Bash committee this year.  He credited his and his committee’s choice in themes to their being such avid Harry Potter fans.  McCoy decided to coordinate the Halloween party because he wanted to make it fun, memorable, and different.  “It’s one of the biggest events during the fall semester for ASAB,” he said.  He and most of the active members of the campus organization were dressed as different variations of the chief movie character Harry Potter.

Other familiar Halloween characters in attendance at the party included various ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and witches.  There were also fairies, brides, dolls, and puppets.  Even Mario from Mario Brothers made an appearance.  ENMU freshman Caroline Shaw from China attended Boo Bash for the first time with her friends and was excited to dress up for the occasion.  When asked why she chose to dress as Mario she said, “It [was] so simple!”

ENMU junior and 2011 Homecoming King Michael Neurauter’s costume included a long silk-like cape, studded brooch, wand, and a nametag that read “Slytherin’ Student.”  Neurauter also came with friends and was very enthusiastic about one particular element of the party.  “I can’t wait to dance!” he said.

Alongside the decorations, costumes, and snacks, the Boo Bash also included a local DJ to complete the themed Halloween party.  The music ranged from Hip-Hop to Country and hit every genre in between.  Most students enjoyed the variety of music and lined-danced to Cupid’s “Cupid Shuffle”, Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How to Dougie”, and V.I.C.’s “Wobble”.  Another student favorite included LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and two students dressed up as Party Rock robots entertained the crowd with a robot dance-off.

The party was a success for the ASAB and all those involved in preparing for the event.  Students enjoyed all aspects of the dance from the music and food.

Project Linus

By Marketta A. Davis

The Eastern Associated Study Activities Board (ASAB) hosted their first Project Linus community service event last Wednesday night in the CUB.  The event goal was to make blankets for children in need that will be collected, sent to the project headquarters, and distributed nationwide.  ASAB provided cookies, brownies, and other refreshments to the volunteers, as well two sewing machines.  Although bringing your own material was encouraged and preferred, ASAB did provide various fleece materials for the blankets.

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Protecting you Protecting Me

By Marketta A. Davis

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Office of Hispanic Affairs held “Protecting You/Protecting Me,” presented by David Garcia of Hobbs, N.M.  The presentation was about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention; and the program itself teaches the consequences of drug use and its effects on communities and families.

Garcia is the executive director of the Teen Court in Hobbs, N.M.  He is also a senior certified prevention specialist and the “Shattered Lives” program director.  According to, the Lea County Teen Court is an alternative court system for first time offenders in the charge of substance abuse.  This system allows for the alternate and less severe sentencing procedure.  The “Shattered Lives” program presents real-time real life situations that can occur as a result of drinking and driving and allows students the opportunity to learn about the consequences of such actions.

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