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ENMU Receives STEM Grant

ENMU science building

PORTALES—Eastern New Mexico University in Portales has received a five-year grant for $3,077,575 for Engaging Students in STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering) Careers.  The U.S. Department of Education Title V appropriation will be $615,226 per year.

According to project director Kenwyn Cradock, associate professor of biology, “The project will increase enrollment, retention, academic success, and graduation in STEM programs, and to improve opportunities for students to participate and succeed in STEM programs by extending access and developing instruction and service improvements.”

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Minute to Win It

Students competing for the prize.

By Kara Brachter

On Friday, September 23, the CUB Ballroom was filled with “Oohs!”, “Ahhs!”, laughter, and encouragement as one by one students tried to perform tasks in under a minute, competing for prizes and the right to be called the “Minute to Win It” champion of ENMU. ASAB provided tasks that seemed impossible to accomplish to the naked eye. The game show night challenges relied upon simple tasks by using some household materials such as soda cans, tissues, rubber bands, yo-yos, cotton balls, ping-pong balls, water bottles and chairs.

The night’s games came directly from the famed television programof the same name; the key to winning was just a matter of having a strategy for some people. In fact, no one could really argue that the games were outrageously simple. The students who played couldn’t help but have a blast playing them because the contest  didn’t require much physical effort.

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Hollywood Hounds

By Tiffany Boyd

On September 20th-21st, ASENMU Homecoming committee held the annual Homecoming King and Queen sign-ups for the 2011 Hollywood Hounds Homecoming celebration.

The Director of Elections, Justin Aguilar, said, “On average we usually have around 10 people sign up for king and 10 for queen.”

For each interested candidate, a witness was required to be present, and sign by the name of the potential King or Queen.

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The Man Behind the Mic

Doc Elder

By Cameron Cox

Since 1921, we have welcomed play by play sports broadcasters into our homes and at times they have felt like family. The Chicago Cubs had Harry Carey, NBC had Bob Costas, and Eastern New Mexico University has Donald “Doc” Elder. Since busting out on the airwaves in 1996, Doc Elder has keep fans excited from kick-off, to the final whistle.

“If it all comes to an end tomorrow, I have been blessed and this has been the time of my life. Giving the community the best sports coverage possible is something that’s extremely important to me, that’s my goal”, said Doc.

This radio personality brings more than just sports knowledge to the mic, Doc fills your speakers with constant jokes and fun facts that will allow everyone to relate to the game.

When asked how comes up with all this stuff and he replied, “It’s the product of a random and very interesting mind. I guess I feel the need to add my random collection of knowledge, and I really hope it adds something to the broadcast. Hopefully it has entertained fans over the years, and if I can throw in a Lady Gaga or history reference every now and then, everyone can relate.”

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Rey y Reina Competition

By Marketta A. Davis

The ENMU Office of Hispanic Affairs will be holding their annual Rey y Reina competition on Thursday, Sept. 29 at 5:30 p.m. in the CUB Ballroom.  The event will be open and free to the general public.  Contestants must be full-time Eastern students, able to meet the time commitments and job responsibilities as set forth by being crowned, and be knowledgeable of Hispanic culture.  The king and queen will receive the official title, a crown, and a $100 scholarship.

In being committed to the above-mentioned job responsibilities, the Hispanic Rey y Reina will be expected to participate in all Hispanic Affairs events as well major campus events such as Dawg Days and Homecoming activities.  Rey y Reina should also be dedicated to public service and will be representative of Hispanic culture.

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ENMU Sets Record Enrollment

By Marketta A. Davis

Eastern has set yet another enrollment record with a total of 5,574 students, a 9.7 percent increase from last year’s record.  This number includes both undergraduates and graduates comprised of 689 incoming freshmen, an increase of 12 percent from last year’s freshmen figures.  Alongside the enrollment and first-time freshmen records, student credit hours have grown by 6 percent and the freshman retention rate—how many students returned to ENMU—has gone from 62 to 64 percent.

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Pain In The Aid

By Tiffany Boyd

Financial aid is funding, intended to help in-coming and returning college students pay for the expenses of their college career. While by nature it provides beneficial support for students who need the extra help to pay for college, it can also be a burden for some.

According to the web page for ENMU’s Financial Aid office, the reasons for financial aid amounts are inconsistent from one year to the next, is “…commonly due to the income reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by either the student or the parents or possibly late filing of the FASFA.”

Also, if a student or the parents refuse to give details of their yearly income, this can effect if a student will receive any financial aid at all. This year many students have noticed, the amount estimated, as far as expenses for attending ENMU, is higher than what they are eligible to receive in financial aid. The most common solution students take to this is requesting additional loans on top of what they have already borrowed in order to equal the amount they had been awarded in previous semesters.Therefore, students find, they are having to pay more back for this school year than any other before due to these inconsistencies.

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Get Equal

By Johnathan Petit

Eastern New Mexico University’s Students for Equality-GSA (ENMUSFE) organization held its first meeting of the semester in the Sandia room on Tuesday, August 30th. Over 45 people came to support the meeting which included individuals and couples of many orientations, and from all walks of life. The group’s primary goal is to promote a hate-free atmosphere at ENMU, and the surrounding areas, and to further the movement of equal rights for all. 

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A Blast from the Past

ENMU student participating in Casino Night

By Tiffany Boyd

On Wednesday, September 7th, students were treated to an evening of fun and entertainment with the “Grease is the Word” Casino Night and Dance. This social event combined the excitement of playing traditional casino games within the sock hop dance era, the 50s.

Throughout the night, students played games to earn chips, which they used to bid on prizes in the auction at the end of the night. The games consisted of: Poker, Bingo, Black jack, Roulette, and the most popular game of the night, Texas Hold’em.

The dance floor was covered with retro colors of light, flickering, against the pink and black balloons that surrounded the dancing greyhounds. There were poodle skirts and slick back hair that brought the theme of “Grease” to reality.

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By Matt Hall

Does all that homework, the activities, the meetings and other such things have you  hanging on you like you’re running a marathon with a refrigerator on your back instead of a little three pound water bottle in your hand? Does it seem like there is no way out? College can be a stressful time in life, and it is not easy when it is coupled with a feeling of hopelessness.

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