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Zias Win Season Opener

Zias win first of Season
Senior Tori Northcutt, said, “No How, No Way, Not Today,” as she asserted her will in the last minutes of a tightly contested game, that went back in forth until the final seconds as the Zias held on to win 100-96, over Oklahoma Panhandle State; The victory was the first for Coach Lindsey Wilson.
Northcutt’s presence was felt in the final minutes as she scored 12 points on 2-of 5 shootings from the field, going 7-of 8 from the free-throw line.
Defensively with the game on the line, Northcutt came up big, with four steals, nine defense rebounds and a key bock shot with 30 seconds left in the game. Northcutt said, “I wanted to get that win. We wanted to stop them from scoring. This is my last chance, and I want to go all out, for the seniors. We want to be the best team in the LCS, and I want us to go to the tournament.”
Senior forward Precious Herrin is making a strong case to become an All-American this year, scored a career-high 34 points as she continues to be unstoppable in the low post. Herrin shot 16-of-22 from the field and had 5 block shots. I was open and my teammates found me,” said Herrin. “It was tough but we played hard.”
OPSU turned the game into a nail biter with a full-court press and a trapping defense, which sometimes saw three defenders on one person, forcing the Zias into 34 turnovers for the game.
The Aggies were led in scoring by Teenie Kent with 23 points and Sophomore Camille Washington with 18. I have to give Eastern a lot of credit.” OPSU coach Brad Vanden Boogaard said. I also want to commend Eastern fans; they made all the difference in this game for knowing when to cheer, very impressive.” The Aggies (0-2) took a 33-23 lead with nine minutes left in the first half with the help of back-to-back 3-pointers.
Senior Hannah Altheide added 14 points and had 9 assist, as the Zias moved to (1-1) on the season. “It wasn’t pretty, but we found a way to win. They did not play a typical style of defense, so we knew we’d get a lot of opportunities to score, Wilson said.
The last time the Zias scored 100 points was a 101-58 win against Cameron University in 1993.
The Zias broke the record for combined points in a game, 107-87 loss to Colorado College on Feb. 1, 1980.
Northcutt is 22 assists short of becoming ENMU’s all-time leader

Eastern Wins Blowout

Hounds win Blowout
J.T. Keith
Eastern New Mexico University’s Men’s basketball team enjoyed home cooking as they blew out Oklahoma Panhandle State 107-75. The Hound’s shot 54 percent from the three-point line, as Senior Stefan Mirabal led the way shooting 6-of 10 from the three-point line to pace the Greyhounds in scoring with 22 points.
Greyhound coach Andrew Helton said, “Reggie Nelson is probably our best perimeter defender, which is a huge thing. We got some minutes off the bench from Kyle Lantz, who was 4-of 5 from the field. We were looking forward to getting some minutes for some of the guys who work hard every day in practice.
The Hounds forced OPSUs into 20 turnovers converting those turnovers into 33 points, as Aaron Edward threw down a crowd-pleasing dunk to give the Hounds a 61-35 leads with 19:08 in the second half, in which the Aggies could never recover.
Coach Helton said, “We are a little more athletic at certain spots than last year, and we’re a little
Senior guard Stefan Mirabal said, “As a shooter you have to have a short-term memory, earlier in the game I wasn’t in a rhythm, but as the game went along. I got more confidence, and my shot started to feel better. Coach always tells me to shoot if I have an open shot.
This year we need extra possessions to win games. This year we are just a lot bigger and a lot deeper on the bench. Coach, brought back our point guard Reggie Nelson from two years ago, who has added an extra spark for us. Point guard Devone Davis comes off the bench, had 8 assist tonight in only 18 minutes of playing. We feel real disrespected to be picked fifth in the LCS.
We will show them.”
Aggies coach Jerry Olsen said, “They were really good, and we were really bad and that’s a bad combination. Coach Helton did a good job of scouting us; they shot the ball really well. ENMU took us out of a lot of things. I just thought Helton did really well; they were so ready for us. We tried to come out in a triangle two, but they kept getting second and third shots, so we had to get out of it.”

International Flag Parade

By: Cale Bloskas

USAF Woodwind Concert

photo by: kara bratcher

Ribaudo Says Goodbye

Interview by: J.T. Keith

Chase Reporter J.T. Keith called former Eastern head coach Mark Ribaudo, Friday for an interview. In open letter here is what he had to say.
I love those kids more than anything in the world. Not just football, I mean all of them. I got to perform in the theater, in my fifteen years here. I got to conduct the band; I’m an honorary member of the band fraternity, absolutely the greatest. I love those kids. I love my colleagues, the Deans; the Deans are some of my best friends.
Some of the professors like, Doc Elder, Patrice Caldwell, Manny Verilla, the College of Business, are some great, great people and some of my best friends. I love this school. I loved my fifteen years here. This has been some of the greatest years of my life. It’s been fantastic. I have no regrets. I love everybody that’s been involved with it. The only regret that I have is that I couldn’t win more ball games for the players and the students, and not for anybody else.
This year was my seventh year here, and we hadn’t had a winning season, and I really don’t have a leg to stand on. Seven years without a winning season, Holy smokes who has that in the country. The flip side of that is they didn’t do much to help us win here everybody knows that; you wrote that in your first article. They said, Rib, we gave you seven years what more? Really what leg do I have to stand on?
I feel terrible for my assistant coaches. They have to look for jobs, and it’s hard. It’s hard. I wish it didn’t happen. I have sat in their shoes. That hurts me because I coached Draco Miller, Larry Vernado, Todd Wallace; they mean a lot to me. We just had a bad year.
Winning the Spirit of Eastern is the Highest Award I have ever done. I asked President Gamble if Eastern is going to be better without Mark Ribaudo. I’m just heartbroken that it happened; I’ve lived her fifteen years I have poured everything I had into this University. My two kids were born here. I have fallen in love with these kids at Eastern New Mexico University. I wish I could stay but that’s life. I love helping kids and I love helping kids through football, now I’ll have to do that elsewhere.

Annual Proffessional Music Teachers Conference

By: Matthew Hall

The Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico in company with Music Teachers National Association sponsored the 61ST Annual State Conference at Eastern New Mexico University this past weekend. This conference was a four day event starting on Thursday, Nov. 3. and ended Sunday, Nov. 6
The event was put together by professors of ENMU including Dustin Seifert, Jean Ornellas, John Olsen, Kayla Paulk and Cheryl Pachak-Brooks. The conference consisted of several sub-conferences, competitions and classes.
Friday at 8:00 was when these instructional conferences, competitions and classes started to open for this event’s schedule. Throughout the day there were several classes and other events demonstrating more effective ways of teaching instrumental or vocal techniques to developing, younger artists. Later the evening several piano and vocal competitions took place
To conclude Friday’s evening there was a recital performance by guest artist Dr. Peter Mack on piano. Mack is an Irish pianist, a choral scholar from Trinity College Dublin and also has close ties to the Trinity College London. Mack earned his doctorate in piano performance from the University of Washington. Friday evening he gave not just a great performance, but also a broad performance playing a repertoire of pieces that come from South America to pieces that come from England and France. Each of the fifteen pieces of music had its own purpose and measure. According to Mack, these songs interpret stories of love and beauty mixed with stories of mysticism and optimism.
Mack explained that he used to write his own music, but now “I choose to play other arrangements.” He wants to remind everyone who is in music or who is even remotely interested in music, “To just keep listening and playing because the more you know the more you understand.”
After the concert there were several compliments from the crowd members such as Javier Lopez who said, “I loved it, they were very beautiful pieces and I loved how they were mixed.”
Blain Hunt commented that it was, “Awesome, I appreciated it after the encore, how he played [tribunes] for the military.”
After Friday evening’s great performance other classes and events resumed Saturday at 8:15 a.m. and then at 3:15 p.m. For one of Saturday’s schedule of events Jason Vest conducted a voice master class. “A voice master class is to work with a different teacher and a chance to try new things” says Vest. Vest also tells us that the purpose of this class is to be able to, leave with at least one thing to improve with.
About twenty-five people attended and there were five of those people who sang in order to gain instruction and to improvement. Vest also gave the advice to other vocalists out there to, always remember that vocalism is not just singing, but it is telling a story.

Free wheelchair Mission

By Marketta A. Davis

The Office of Hispanic Affairs held a tabling last Thursday, Sept. 22 in the CUB Lobby for the Free Wheelchair Mission, a nonprofit organization devoted to providing wheelchairs to the physically disabled in poor developing countries around the world.  The tabling included information pamphlets, a 5 gallon donation water bottle, and a wheelchair prototype.

Free Wheelchair Mission was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Irvine, Calif.  They work in coordination with other humanitarian, government, and faith-based groups to assemble wheelchairs with low cost comfortable items.  The wheelchair’s main frame is constructed from a lawn chair, a footrest for the front, and a steel frame.  Other parts include a set of mountain bike wheels and brakes, the caster wheels (the smaller wheels in front), and even a bicycle pump and patch kit.  The organization has one main factory in Shanghai, China where all the parts are manufactured and shipped—unassembled—to their designated locations.  Before the local workers and volunteers unload and assemble the wheelchairs, they are distributed individually at ceremonies.

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