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Protecting you Protecting Me

By Marketta A. Davis

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Office of Hispanic Affairs held “Protecting You/Protecting Me,” presented by David Garcia of Hobbs, N.M.  The presentation was about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention; and the program itself teaches the consequences of drug use and its effects on communities and families.

Garcia is the executive director of the Teen Court in Hobbs, N.M.  He is also a senior certified prevention specialist and the “Shattered Lives” program director.  According to, the Lea County Teen Court is an alternative court system for first time offenders in the charge of substance abuse.  This system allows for the alternate and less severe sentencing procedure.  The “Shattered Lives” program presents real-time real life situations that can occur as a result of drinking and driving and allows students the opportunity to learn about the consequences of such actions.

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